A great way to improve your trading strategy and better yourself in our challenge is by identifying where it went wrong in previous challenges.

For this reason, our Challenge Accounts section stores all your challenge history data and lets you know why you have failed in a particular challenge, or how you have managed to defeat the odds and ace it. This section also stores information regarding ongoing challenges.

Start by clicking on the Challenge Accounts tab and selecting your account in question.

At the top, you may find your challenge status, credentials, and rules. 

The Credentials button will provide you with your login ID and server details. Any passwords will always be sent to your email. If you have forgotten your password, click on the Reset Password button to receive a new one via email.

If you need to be reminded about our rules, you may click on the Rules button to be redirected to our website.

All information regarding the challenge will pertain in this section. You may find vital challenge values along with some progress rates and charts.

If your challenge is still ongoing, your values will automatically be updated as you go along.

Performance evaluation criteria are explained below:

Profit Factor (Amount of profit per unit of risk).

Profit Factor = (Sum of profit from all winning trades) / (Sum of loss from all

losing trades)

Lots (Total lots traded throughout the challenge. Chart shows daily volume).

Average Loss (Average loss across all losing trades).

Average Win (Average win across all winning trades).

Win Rate (Ratio of winning trades to losing trades).

Average Trade Duration (Average amount of time spent in each trade).

The account Equity chart will help you to be more aware of your trading performance throughout a challenge. It can be viewed by changing the toggle in the top right of the Charts area from Account Balance to Account Equity and vice versa.

The Current Results section will show your progress across the Challenge in regard to the Challenge's Criteria.

Click/tap here to see the full list of Challenge's Criteria. 

The Trading Log provides in-depth details about the trades you have placed during the challenge. You will find any of the details such as price, stop loss, take profit, etc in this section.

Remember, following our criteria and taking notes of unsuccessful challenges will lead you to victory!