I am on a quest to download MetaTrader and I am on a windows computer. Which path do I need to follow?

Go to www.thorfx.com.

I have downloaded the program, whats next?

Start installing the MetaTrader program by opening the file, read the Terms and Conditions then click Next.

Once the program has been installed on your computer. you would need to wait for a few moments then MetaTrader will open up automatically.

You will need to choose whether you wish to proceed to login to a Live account or a Demo account.

Click on Existing Trade Account.

Enter your MetaTrader account login details (Use the Trader Password). 

Click on Finish.

You will now be able to trade on MetaTrader but before that, you would need to ensure one thing.

What's that?

That the deposited funds on your account will be transferred to your MetaTrader account to start adding funds and trading.

If I have not completed that quest yet, where do I need to go?

To do an Internal Transfer that will transfer your funds into your MetaTrader account: Click here.